About Me

Howdy, my name is Bob Brodt. I am, primarily, a software engineer with extensive experience in a variety of disciplines ranging from low-level embedded systems to large scale web applications and everything in between.

I received my B.S. in Space Sciences in 1978 but discovered a passion for software development during my tenure at Satellite Business Systems (an IBM company). At the time, 9 track tapes and 200MB disk pack drives the size of washing machines were state of the art. Since then I have been involved in software development in many different industries ranging from embedded OCR and dedicated office machines to large online transaction processing systems.

Specialties: Eclipse, Java EE, Unity/VR app development, SOA, BPM, Open Source stuff

Some of my other occupations include:
• Freelance programmer
• Website developer
• House painter
• Dog walker
• Garbage taker-outer
• Mr. Fixit
• Chief Loan Officer at Bank of Dad